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Briolette Sets


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To see a larger version of any picture, just click on it.  Earrings can be custom made or are available to match all necklaces below.

Faceted blue sapphires on liquid sterling silver--BRIO-SAPP--$62

Peridot faceted briolettes on liquid sterling silver--BRIO-PER--$50

Ametrine (a naturally occurring gemstone combination of amethyst and citrine in the same stone) faceted briolettes on liquid sterling silver--BRIO-AMET--$50

Faceted garnet octagons on liquid sterling silver--BRIO-GOCT--$50

Faceted Blue moonstone briolettes on liquid sterling silver--BRIO-MOON--$45

Garnet briolettes, rondelles and ovals on liquid sterling silver--BRIO-RG--$40

Faceted red/orange chalcedony square briolettes on liquid sterling silver--BRIO-RCH--$45

Smoky Quartz briolettes on liquid sterling silver--BRIO-SQ--$35

Large faceted labradorite briolettes on liquid sterling silver--BRIO-LAB--$45


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