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Elegance and Exotic


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All of the below designs feature some of the most exotic and unusual gemstones in the world and have classic lines.  They would look stunning with an elegant black dress or with jeans.

Imperial Topaz Briolettes, faceted sunstone rectangles, moonstone and andulusite rondelles--GS-IMPT--$200

Rainbow of Gemstones Necklace--Lustrous peacock coin pearls set off by a graduated rainbow of gemstones including aquamarine, Morganite, apatite, citrine, hessonite and more--GS-RAIN--$125

Kyanite (it looks like Ceylon blue sapphire, but it isn't) briolettes and white top drilled pearls--PN046--$115

Exotic combination of Peacock Stick and Coin pearls accented with teal blue faceted apatite, hessonite garnet and Madeira citrine with sterling silver and vermeil Bali daisy spacers.  The necklace is long enough to be wrapped twice--PN048--$170

Faceted Spinel briolettes, white top drilled pearls and a faceted gemstone sterling silver clasp--PN021--$105

Apatite, Emerald, Iolite, Smoky Quartz, Ametrine, Labradorite, Purple Aventurine and Pearls--GS-VAR--$95

Faceted neon apatite rondelles, Bali sterling silver, and Mabe pearl clasp--PN022--$100

Faceted Ametrine in a variety of shapes and oval white pearls--PN038--$110

Bloodstone, Apatite, Emerald, Hessonite, Labradorite and Sunstone necklace--GS-EM--$85

Three faceted top drilled rubies are the centerpiece of this pearl necklace--PN042--$60

Multi-colored faceted sapphires briolettes and ivory freshwater pearls--PN019--$100

Lapis Lazuli, Hessonite garnets, Iolite, Bali Sterling Silver--38-07--$70

Kyanite, apatite and ivory pearls--PN027--$100

Multi-colored faceted sapphire rondelles and 3mm round pearls--GS-SAPP--$107

Lapis Lazuli, golden citrine, and side drilled copper pearls--PN028--$47

Faceted Ruby drops, faceted Spinel rondelles, white button pearls--PN033--$100

Amethyst and freshwater pearl two strand necklace, sterling silver beads and clasp--GS-MIX--$100

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