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Custom Pieces

The pieces shown below were all custom designed by request.  I will create whatever you like based on your personal preference.  I have customers who give me specific requests, general requests with budgets or just ask for something "brown."  Once you've made your request, I'll check my stock, lay out a potential design and quote you an approximate price.  Once the piece is finished, I will send a picture for approval.  Once it's approved we will arrange for payment and delivery.   At no time in this process will you be asked to pay in advance for your custom items, unless it requires a purchase of raw material and then you will only be billed for the raw materials.  If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to e-mail or call 702-525-0014.

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Las Vegas Philharmonic Set

Dragonfly in the Flower Garden

The stones on the earrings are Kyanite (which look like sapphires, but it's difficult to find sapphires that color anymore) as well as Prehnite briolettes. The stones on the bracelet are Freshwater Keshi Pearls, Amethyst, Apatite, Peridot, Citrine, Hessonite and Rhodolite Garnet and the center stone is a Ruby.  The necklace contains all of the already listed gemstones (except the ruby) and also includes Andalusite, Spinel (faceted rondelles & briolettes), Sapphires (faceted rondelles & briolettes), Tourmaline, Imperial Topaz briolettes and moonstone, as well as the same Freshwater Keshi Pearls.  In addition on the necklace I used faceted Thai silver cubes to add some additional sparkle. 

Multi-colored Spinel Necklace

The above necklace was custom designed using faceted multi-colored Spinel rondelles and Thai sterling silver cubes. The clasp is sterling silver set with a faceted amethyst.

Multi-colored Tourmaline

The above necklace was custom designed using faceted multi-colored tourmaline rondelles and Bali sterling silver spacers.  The clasp is a blue chalcedony cabochon set in sterling silver.

Aquamarine, Morganite, and Helidor Drop on Pearls

The above design was commissioned as a Mother's Day gift.  Large faceted rondelles of Aquamarine, Helidor, and Morganite (which are all part of the beryl family along with emeralds) dangle from a filigree Bali pendant hanger on a strand of bronze top drilled pearls.  The lobster claw clasp is sterling silver and has a two inch sterling silver extender.  The person who commissioned this liked it so much, they had a duplicate made for them.

Agate pendant on Onyx, Quartz and howlite

The above was designed when a customer asked for something "black and white."  I mixed black onyx, rutilated quartz and white howlite for the strand and the pendant is black and white agate set in sterling silver.

Red Jasper pendant on golden citrine

The above was designed when a customer sent me a photo of a necklace from a very upscale department store.  I didn't copy the necklace, but used the same color scheme, (red/orange/yellow).  The strand is golden citrine and the pendant is red jasper set in sterling silver.