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Gemstone Pieces


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Baltic Amber, rough polished emerald and apatite, turquoise and pearls in a long necklace--GS-AMB--$93

Asymmetrical necklace with Ametrine, amethyst, iolite, and more.--38-01--$80

Multi colored tourmaline with Bali spacers and a faceted gemstone sterling silver clasp--38-10--$75

Peruvian blue and pink opal with rough emerald nuggets--GS-OPAL1--$115

Amethyst, Hessonite Garnet, Smoky Quartz, Sterling Silver Chain--SS-GARNET--$110

Moss Agate, Green Aventurine and Apple Coral Go-go Donuts on Sterling Silver chain--SS-DON--$90.00

Lepidolite Donuts on Sterling Silver chain--SS-LEP--$60.00

Kyanite, Peruvian Blue Opal, Citrine, Amazonite, Fire Agate, and Pietersite--GS-KYA1--$100

Keshi pearls and rough apatite nugget bracelet--7.5"--GSB6--$35

Keshi pearls, rough apatite nuggets, and Russian Baltic amber bracelet--7.5"--GSB7--$30

Smoky quartz and Russian Baltic amber bracelet--7.5"--GSB8--$33

Faceted Amethyst and Swarovski crystal bracelet--7.5"--GSB11--$50


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