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Who doesn't love pearls?  Especially these days when they come in rainbow of colors, exotic shapes and sizes, and no longer just for matrons!  My collection of pearl necklaces can be worn with your favorite black dress, your best business suit or with shorts and a t-shirt!

Sunstone, Labradorite, Prehnitite, Aquamarine, Apatite and Keshi Pearl Necklace--GS-SUN--$115

Blue moonstone briolettes with peacock pearls--PN060--$104

Kyanite and Imperial Topaz briolettes, silver coin and keshi pearls, white pearls, 14K gold-filled fish hook clasp--PN056--$140

Triple strand of freshwater button pearls with faceted amethyst clasp--38-17-$100

Peacock freshwater pearls and iolite daggers--PN023-$40

Silver side drilled freshwater pearls and moss agate briolettes with a Mabe pearl clasp--PN007-$115

Bronze side drilled, peacock potato, silver coin pearls, and Bali sterling silver--38-06--$45

50" long strand of white and ocean peacock pearls--PN050--$75

Smoky Quartz and Coin and nugget pearls--GS-SQ--$75

Pink and Peacock pearls, Black Onyx and Rose Quartz Rondelles--PN035-$60

Chocolate pearls with faceted garnets and moonstone--PN039--$45

Kyanite, Chalcedony briolettes and side drilled button pearls--PN030--$80

White oval and peacock keshi pearls with red/orange and aqua faceted chalcedony briolettes--38-12--$50

Lavender button pearls, faceted Prehnite rondelles, sterling silver--PN015--$65

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