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Red Rock Collection


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The below pieces were inspired by the geology and scenery of the Southwest.  They all feature a variety of semi-precious gemstones that tend to look more like "rocks."  Each piece has a different look, but they all feature natural gemstones and either sterling silver, vermeil, or pure copper.

Kyanite, Sunstone, and Iolite with Bali sterling silver accents--GS-KYA2-$125

Fire Jasper, Ruby Zoisite with copper and sterling silver accents--RR-119--$90

Turquoise, Red Jasper and Amazonite--RR-121--$65

Lariat with Autumn Jasper Tear shaped donut, rainbow and fancy jasper beads--RR-158--$97

Coffee Jasper and pink sunstone with Bali sterling silver accents--RR-156--$125

Wood Jasper, Unakite, and Honey Rhodocrosite--RR-155--$79

Wood Jasper Focal Bead strung with Botswana Agate and sunstone--RR-151--$75

Botswana Agate nuggets with carnelian agate rounds--RR-148--$60

Red coral wedges (dyed) with Crazy Lace Agate (dyed)--RR-146--$58

Boulder Opal focal bead strung with purple aventurine, Amazonite, and Fancy Jasper--RR-145-$57

Red Coral wedges (dyed) with turquoise and apple coral.--RR-136--$50

Crazy Lace Agate (dyed), Labradorite, Iolite and copper--RR-129--$52

Lapis Lazuli, golden citrine and copper--RR-123--$45

Soldalite, Sterling Silver, Black Onyx and Red Jasper accents--RR-140--$80

Kyanite and Pietersite Necklace--RR-139--$105

Silver Leaf Agate, Pietersite, Black Onyx, Obsidian Necklace with Vermeil accents--RR-126--$75

Coin and Keshi Pearls with Hessonite garnet--PN026--$75

Crazy Horse Stone and Copper necklace--RR-116--$49

Botswana Agate, Rainbow Obsidian, Pietersite, Copper and Sterling Silver--RR-114--$69

Botswana Agate, Bali Sterling Silver--RR-32-$106

Sesame Jasper and Green Aventurine Bracelet--7.5"--RR-098--$33

Purple Crazy lace agate bracelet--7.5"--RR-103--$25

Brown snowflake obsidian and red coral wedges (dyed) bracelet--7.5"--RR-128--$30

PMC Petroglyph bead with Rhyolite and Red jasper bracelet--7.5"--RR-143--$42

PMC Petroglyph bead with amber and sodalite bracelet--7.5"--RR-154--$63


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